United Community Cup 2021 In Commemoration of Black History Month - Funded by Belfast City Council.

Supported by: Irish Football Foundation, Rio Ferdinand Foundation, Sport NI, The Migrant Centre NI and JJIMP Entertainment UK.

With over 20 teams attracted to play in this tournament both BAME and local communities youths .  This tournament was apart of our Multi-Ethnic Youth Festival with the aim of bringing together diverse youths from BAME communities and local communities. Promoting cross- community, integration, socialisation through the medium of sport.  In which they  participated, socialised, had fun and gain friendships. We held the tournament in Ozone playing fields at the Ormeau Park where we had food, music and refreshments.  In conclusion of the tournament, we had former Northern Ireland international footballer Gerry Armstrong and the late George Bests wife Alex best make an appearance to present our winners with their trophies and medals.


1st Erena
2nd Fenkil FC
3rd Guinea Bissau/ Nija FC

1st BAME Youth FC
2nd Millwall Boys

1st Drumaness Mill FC
2nd All for 1 FC.

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